cavalcata di san giuseppe scicli

La Cavalcata di San Giuseppe

Winter in Scicli is very short. It’s always spring, especially in this occasion, when spring time begins.  It’s the day of the Cavalcata di San Giuseppe, a day full of flowers smell: the violaciocche, a typical violet flower, is the main theme of the period: It’s used for the horse covers, hand made by local […]

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Christmas in Scicli: between folklore and traditions

Magic, Art and good food are the main players of Christmas in Scicli. Have you ever seen La via dei Presepi? In Scicli historical centre most of the palaces and private houses open their doors to visitors to show their Nativity scene: each family creates their own vision of Nativity scene by using different materials: […]

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From Japan to Scicli to discover local handcraft

Renata Piazza makes the cooperation between Japan and Scicli possible again. She’s been working for several years in oder to create a connection between Sicily and the East. This group of professionals is studying the real soul of this corner of Sicily: in these days they had the opportunity to meet the most influent personalities […]

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