From Japan to Scicli to discover local handcraft

Renata Piazza makes the cooperation between Japan and Scicli possible again. She’s been working for several years in oder to create a connection between Sicily and the East.

This group of professionals is studying the real soul of this corner of Sicily: in these days they had the opportunity to meet the most influent personalities of Buscemi, Ferla, Canicattini, Siracusa, Modica and Scicli, and to appreciate Sicilian identity, with its handcraft and gastronomy.

In Scicli they choose to stay in one of the most important noble palaces of Scicli Albergo Diffuso, to discover the real way to live like a local. Every morning they meet local people during the special moment of breakfast, the Colazione Diffusa: a local buffet with the most delicious specialties of Sicilian tradition, arranged by Millennium Café.

An important player in this journey in Sicily is the cultural association Tanit, that thanks to Desirée Marinero, a very experienced Sicilian tourist guide, makes the Japanese group discover the hidden jewels of Scicli: the museum Antica Farmacia Cartia, the historical palace Palazzo Bonelli Patané and the churches of St. Joseph and St. Bartholomew.

The most exciting moment was the encounter between the Japanese Misano Suzuki and the Sicilian Franca Marino, that was pleased to welcome them to show her precious handcrafted works.

The Hyblaean experience ends in Modica with the workshop in the Chocolate Lab Ciomod Dolci Fonderie, company which joins to the Sicilia Ospitalità Diffusa network.

The only possible future is to think the destination as a network in which people are able to share experiences in an extraordinary way.

This produce the real wealth which makes you choose to stay in Sicily.

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